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The Lumber Yard: Waldo History with a Touch of Controversy

The Lumber Yard: Waldo History with a Touch of Controversy

Leicht's Waldo Café is now located in the lumber yard. They are a family-owned and operated restaurant serving American cuisine. But their origin story is a bit unique.

Initially started by C.M. Sibley, The Lumber Yard was transferred to Harmon & McIntyre. In 1919, it was purchased by Frantz Zena Fraiser and Jay M Halter. Frantz and Jay were known for being meticulous about their business and their products. The couple focused on making every board according to each patron's requested grade and specs.

Fifteen years after Frantz and Jay purchased The Lumber Yard, an explosion occurred. Two young lads, about nine years old, were playing around with an old Overland automobile as it was parked near The Lumber Yard. Being curious boys, they decided to toss a lighted match into the gasoline tank. The explosion severely burned the boys and set fire to the area. The loss was estimated at $10,000. The company rebuilt The Lumber Yard, which was located near the depot.

In 1948 the lumber yard was sold to Jay's son, Ben Halter. Ben ran it until his retirement in 1977.

Now owned by Christina and Brad Leicht, today, Leicht's Waldo Café is a quaint and frequented restaurant serving homemade desserts, soups, and daily features just like grandma used to make.

"We want people to feel welcome, at home, and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere," shared Christina Leicht.

Visit Leicht's Waldo Café online or in-person to experience their cozy atmosphere and tasty food.

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